March 25, 2019 10:11am

iability Insurance for Roofing Contractors is a must. A comprehensive liability program will include the following;

Damage for Bodily Injury to non-employees because of your negligence. An example, the shingles that are being removed from the roof fall and hit a person on the ground.

Damage to Property because of your negligence. An example shingles that you are removing come down and hit the neighbor’s car and damage it.

Advertising Injury- In your advertising you libel another roofing company and they lose money because of the advertisement and file a legal action against you.

Coverage for the Care Custody and control of someone else’s personal property is excluded in the standard General Liability policy so it must be purchased as an additional coverage. An example of a loss covered by this coverage would be if you borrowed a ladder from the customer to do your work and damaged it.

General liability premiums are calculated on the payroll for all of your employees. Uninsured sub-contractors are considered employees and added to your basis to calculate the premium. Insured sub-contactors are charged a portion of your premium based on the insurance company’s rate structure. Factors that can increase your premiums are your company’s credit and loss history. The use of background checks and drug screening can also help control your General Liability Insurance premium.

Remember General Liability Insurance does not protect your employees from job-site injuries. In Ohio most companies are insured by the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC). However, Ohio employees can sue their employers for job-site injuries. As a roofing contractor in Ohio you need to purchase Employer’s Liability as part of your Liability Program.

To learn more about contractor’s insurance and loss control techniques, contact your Independent Trusted Choice Insurance agent at Richey-Barrett.

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