April 29, 2019 11:34am

pringtime is Mother Nature’s call to get outdoors and connect. The beauty of RVing is it allows you to do both and have fun. A growing consumer segment is choosing to slow down, shift gears, and park it, so to speak, outdoors. Singles and couples, young and old, families with kids or not, full-time workers or retirees … all are discovering a path to “there’s more to life” through RVing. Don’t forget to connect with your insurance agent to make sure you have the proper RV property and liability insurance in force.

Lifetime memories are routinely built around RV long weekends and vacations. Ohio State Parks are nearby and popular. Private RV parks throughout the state and country draw locals and long-distance RVers. Options range from primitive RV campgrounds to RV resort parks with upgraded amenities such as group fire pits, food onsite, themed activities schedules, dog beaches, splash parks, adult pools with swim-up bars, or golf cart trails. (Check out locations and reviews online at www.campendium.com) Seasoned RVers learn to simplify. Load up the kids, pets if allowed, and pack only what you will use and need. Whether you go wheels up with a pop-up trailer or luxurious motor home, the convenience is you park it at a one-stop destination. Play, hike, swim, fish, grill, chill, and be “home” every night! The flexible categories of RV units (i.e. pop-up trailers, camper trailers, fifth wheels, motor homes) bring lots of vacationers into the tent of affordability. If you are not in the market to buy, consider renting.

Insurance coverage for RVs depends on whether or not the RV unit is motorized or non-motorized. For non-motorized campers/trailers/fifth wheels that you tow behind your personal vehicle, liability insurance that applies to your personal vehicle also applies to whichever of these you are towing while in motion. Comprehensive and/or collision insurance on your personal vehicle, however, do not extend to anything beyond the vehicle itself. For comprehensive and/or collision coverage to apply to a non-motorized RV unit being towed by your personal vehicle, it must be separately added to your personal auto policy. Once the non-motorized, towed item is detached and/or parked, your personal homeowner’s policy (or renter’s insurance policy, in the case of tenants) provides liability protection. For those RV units with awning extensions, contact your insurance agent to verify whether or not they are covered. Some insurance companies automatically include coverage for damage to awnings due to an insured loss, and some do not. If you do not already have roadside assistance coverage, RVers should seriously consider adding it. Read further to learn about insurance coverage for a motorized RV.

RVing is not restricted to a weekend getaway or 2-week vacation. Picture a trip of a lifetime or a permanent lifestyle in an RV. Neither image is limited to retirees. The reality is younger people value experiences more than material possessions. Technology that makes remote work possible opens doors to where and how people live. RVing for extended periods of time or as a permanent lifestyle is a choice people of all ages are making nationwide. One online blogger posts that living expenses in an RV can equal expenses of living in a regular home with utility bills and two car payments. Most notably, the author emphasizes that expenses are variable, depending on the lifestyle you choose.

A special caution to RV full-timers, i.e. those whose primary residence is an RV unit (motorized or non-motorized), personal liability coverage should be purchased. Contact your insurance agent to discuss in detail.

If your RV unit is a standalone motorized home, you will need to either add the motor home separately to your personal auto policy or purchase a separate motor home policy. I recommend you also purchase both comprehensive and collision coverage on a motor home. The expense of the insurance including the deductible is well worth it compared to the out-of-pocket cost you might incur if a tree falls through the roof or you accidentally back into another vehicle. Respects awning extensions, the same thing applies to motor homes as described above for awning extensions on non-motorized RVs. Check with your insurance agent. Confirm with your agent that you have personal liability insurance in force that extends to your motor home.  Roadside assistance coverage for your motor home is strongly recommended.

If you plan to lease or purchase an RV, motorized or non-motorized, connect with Your Trusted Choice Independent  Insurance Agent at Richey-Barrett Insurance. We are happy to review your property and liability insurance and answer your questions.

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