December 11, 2018 11:23am

fter many years of hard work Craig, Linda and their two boys had just moved into their dream home inChesterland, Ohio, a picturesque suburb 15 miles east of Cleveland, a town where the boys could ride their bikes to school, play with their friends in the woods and go sled riding in the winter. Then the unexpected happened, Craig received a frantic call at work from his wife, there had been a horrific explosion and fire at home while she was out and there was nothing left. Nothing.

Thank God nobody was home.

When Craig rushed back home to Linda, the fire department, police and utility companies were still at the scene of what used to be their dream home.  It was a total disaster. Things like this don’t happen to them. What were they going to do? What was going to happen next?

I drove out right away to see the family and review the insurance coverage with Craig and Linda. While I tried reassuring them that everything would be fine because we had insured for the replacement cost of their home, they were still in a state of shock. I knew they were not listening to me, and the first order of business was to get their family settled into temporary housing.

A short time later, Craig called me and said the bills and estimates had begun to come in and he asked if they were going to have enough insurance.

I explained to Craig and Linda that their house is adequately insured. By using the information they had provided when they purchased the home along with the replacement cost estimator that their insurance company uses, everything was going to work out fine.  Had we only insured for the market value of their home instead of the replacement cost, they would not have had enough money from their homeowners insurance to rebuild.

Accurately determining the replacement cost before a catastrophe is critical. It is best done by an experienced Independent Insurance Agent who will ask you important questions to ensure your family and your home are properly protected. Simple but important questions such as, do you have laminate, Corian or granite countertops? Are your floors linoleum, tile or hardwood? This will all help to ensure you will be able to afford to rebuild your home after a disaster.

After Linda and Craig settled back into the family home with their boys, I was invited to lunch. Craig said that while it was understandably a stressful period, our caring and responsive support turned a nightmare back into their dream home. It was truly a happy ending.

Will your insurance allow you to rebuild like Linda and Craig? Be sure you have a happy ending if disaster strikes. One phone call can save you from losing everything you have worked so hard to build. Call your Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent at Richey-Barrett for all your insurance questions.

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